The Membrane

The membrane is one of the main components of the fusion:guitar. The idea was to keep the air column on the inside of the guitar intact, but let the soundwaves permeate the body membrane. This led to the development of the body skeleton, which is the carrier for the membrane itself. I tried several materials for the membrane, and so far I am most satisfied with unidirectional japanese Shoji paper. One of the disadvantages of the Shoji paper is that it is extremely fragile without finish – and the finish renders the paper somewhat off-white and yellow in some areas.

I approached this problem with another technique I had meant to use for a very long time: gilding gold leaf onto a musical instrument. I first saw this practice on instruments by lebanese Oud maker Nazih Ghadban, and it has fascinated me since. Below are some pictures of the currently ongoing trials in my workshop.