Vision. Inspiration. Design.

The vision for the Fusion Guitar  has been with me since I started making instruments. Although I would generally consider myself a follower of the traditional school, I have always had a strong urge to cross boundaries and explore instrument making way beyond the limitations of convention.

My inspirations come to me in many different moments. Some came to me during lectures on acoustic physics in university, and many others occur in everyday situations – when bumping wine glasses as I set the table a few years back, or simply dreaming about a guitar filled with helium (changing the properties of sound travel inside the guitar sounded really good in that dream!).

Turning an inspiration into design is the first trial for an idea. It determines whether an idea is practical, and whether it improves the instrument into the desired direction. Many ideas sound very good, but only after they are built into a project can one determine whether they are of any benefit.

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