This blog deals with the contemporary and modern aspects of my work. The instruments that I present here are not like the traditional guitars you can find on my website, but they are exclusively those instruments that seek to cross boundaries and explore uncharted territory.

At this point, I think 2 of the guitar types I make are radical enough to be worthy being mentioned on this blog.
The older instrument type is the one I have called the “Experimental Guitar”, which is a product of my thesis in 2008.
The more recent type will most likely be called the “Fusion Guitar”. Since the development of that instrument is currently undergoing, you will find my documentation of the building process right here on radikalguitars.

The Fusion Guitar is being developed with the generous support of the Manitoba Arts Council, and it is my project for a residency in the province of Quebec this year.

For more information on my instruments, pricing and contact information, please visit my website.