The through-the-top string fastening system is completed!

News From The Workbench

After many hours of drafting on the computer, transferring the new drafts onto a sample of lumber, and then making adjustments until everything is just right, the new through-the-top string fastening system is glued into the top. Now I can finally continue with my plate voicing procedure, where I measure static deflection and use tap tones and Chladni patterns to assess and modify the voice of this top. Once the plate is ready, the redesigned bracing will be put in place, and the voicing procedure will be repeated extensively until I have found the voice of this top.

After this, it will be ready to be glued to the body. This will allow me to install the fabric and continue fitting the new neck to the instrument. You can find an extensive description of the most recent work processes here.

NYC Presentation scheduled for October 2014

Process FusionGuitar 001I am currently preparing to present some of my work and research at the Centre for Transformative Media, at Parsons the New School for Design in New York. The presentation is scheduled for late October. The exact date and time will be published here as soon as they are made public.

My presentation is planned to revolve around my “radikal” and 3D-CT research work. Lately, I have been working on a complete overhaul of my Fusion Guitar; and despite much experimentation and many exciting modifications I have only very few pictures to post here at this point. Once the new neck is nearing completion, I will definitely post some pictures here. The same goes for the new top and membrane revisions. For the current status please check out the Rebuild 2.0.

Gold leaf internal peg box

Gold leaf internal peg box